What We Do ?

DigitalScy offers Architecture & Advisory services. We partner with our customers, doing the due diligence excercises, conducting workshops, understand their problem statements, defining their Transformation Strategy and laying out their Digital Journey roadmap. We would like to keep our customers way ahead of their competitors, accelerating the journey with our Advisory Toolkits. We categorize our Advisory Services in 3 different areas:

  1. Digital Strategy -- Our Digital Strategy guides all decisions around your business in the digital space. From a new technology to new market opportunities and how to target them. Our digital advisory services can develop your digital strategy in line with your business
  2. Gap Analysis -- Our Assessment toolkits, pre-built questionnaire would help customers identify the gaps with their current platform to achieve their business objectives/goals, both with Industry and their competitors, and help them on filling the gaps in a rapid pace. Assessment will be an interactiove excercise that would involve Stakeholders of the organization in laying out a successful Digital Data Foundation
  3. PoC's & PoV's -- Coming with strong Digital Background and implementation experiences, we would like to leverage the ready to use PoV's (Scorecard Point of Value) in Technology evaluations, and derive the best fit for customer, with respect to Capability, cost and ROI. Our PoV tool kits will help customers in identifying their optimal path for their decisions/evaluations. Ready to use PoC's will help reduce the Time to Market in their decision making